Efficient Water Utilisation in Textile Wet Processing Bookmark and Share

Posted by Sazid Rahman

A paper published in the journal of The Institution of Engineers (India) by Prof S Balachandran and Dr R Rudramoorthy.

Abstract: The amount of water used in various textile wet processing mills vary depending on the equipment, process adopted and types of fabric. However, improper operation and lack of maintenance have resulted in excessive water usage in these units. A recent study on water audit in selected textile processing units at Tirupur cluster have confirmed this fact. Water is becoming scarce and also the quality of available water is deteriorating. Hence it is worthwhile to consider various steps in order to reduce the consumption and also the amount of effluents discharged from the plants. In this paper, a review of various water conservation techniques is being presented so that industry can benefit to a considerable extent by adopting these measures.

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